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Reply to Policy Adherence

By bd513 Topic posted 09/21/2017

Thanks everyone for the responses. Great questions and thoughts. If I'm honest I think the root is somewhat endemic and sits with lack of understanding/accountability in certain key roles. People are hesitant to take individual action [@mention:449411339497350002] because they think they'll get "in trouble." I do like the addition/imposition of consequences within the policy [@mention:451241754031062437], as that clarifies what "individual action" might be necessary/justified in the event the policy is not followed. And I completely agree (and even said, in governance) that such a policy doesn't really do anything except make explicit the structure or actions that are already available to everyone. I think our challenge is (a) better empowering people to take action that in previous organizations might have got them "in trouble," and then (b) not reinforce that behavior by better calling out when negative reactions to individual action are motivated by old or hierarchical thinking and ultimate (unexamined) resistance to some of the basic tenets of Holacracy.

This has been/continues to be very helpful. thanks.