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Eliana posted:
Koen Veltman posted:

Hi [@mention:551030431173357846]. great tension. my suggestion: organize it! if you feel a loss of home - why dont you create a circle called "home". could even create different rooms in that home if you have sub-cultures that want to hang out together.

the "work" you do in those circles is "creating a great place to work", "improving the social cohesion in the company". that kind of things. 

Hi Koen! I did indeed! We already have the role "Social companion" wich looks after strong social bounds and support our people by any kind of personal or social issue. Sadly the colleages are not really reacting to us, nobody come to ask for help, but we still hear that they are missing support. As we are mostly virtual teams I don't really have the chance to organize a lot of events. I have tried to push the slack use, to invite to interact more and get to know each other better, but nobody has enough time (or interest?!) to use all the plattforms we already have, so it didn't really change a lot. In our last employee-survey the deteriorating social/ human dimension since the implementation of holacracy was one of the biggest problems, having a great influence in the average happiness rates, so I still keep looking after some good ideas how to push the social interaction beyond tactical and governance structures... if you have any concrete idea, I'm all ears =) Best regards! Eliana 

Hi Eliana, do you know the buffer.com blog series? they are a fully virtual team and write a lot about how the create social cohesion and build a unique culture.

What I always take from their blog stories: 1) there are many many great ideas out there to get it to work, 2) every organization will find their own unique solutions to work (there is no 1 good answer) and 3) its really really hard work from everybody to get a cool culture to flourish.