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Hi Andrew

I share your perspective that it is best if a costumer doesn't really realize or need to know that a company is organized with Holacracy. Or if so, only in a way of "wow, these guys really seem to have much clarity and know their stuff" or "I was surprised that I got help that quickly - obviously this guy could make the decisions needed here all themselves and that was amazing". 

I fill several roles in a department (30 people) which is run with Holacracy inside of a big organization not using Holacracy (18'000 people) and since we have only internal customers, I think there is a similar pattern at play here: The others (our customers) shouldn't be bothered with wether we do Holacracy or not but just be happy with our services. The way we try to achieve that is in creating a role which takes care of the relationship to our customers and acts like a single-point-of-contact. In my experience, this works really well and I would never bother the customer with stuff like "uuh sorry, this is not my role" or "ahh ok, I will bring that up in a Governance Meeting and process the tension". I just tell him that I will take care and get some help from other people if needed.

So I think that it doesn't depend on Holacracy itself whether a company is customer-oriented or not but rather on the way Holacracy is implemented and used to structure the work. And I think the same about Holacracy supporting workflows.