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>Is it possible that one of the role in one cricle ask a role in other circle for a project?

Anyone can go and just ask anyone else to take on a project at any time. If it makes sense to them to take it on, job done. This kind of common sense is totally allowed.

But you only have a duty to take on projects (technically "process tensions") from other roles in your circle. A role in Supporting Production would be within their right to say "since you are speaking from a role in Production, no - I will not consider your request". (And maybe you can think of some circumstances where this is sensible or legitimate?) In that case, the role in Production can ask their Rep Link to take the matter to the super-circle and place it as a project onto the whole of Supporting Production - and then whatever role within Supporting Production makes sense to take it on can do it. (Or, as you say, via a circle-to-circle Cross Link instead of a Rep Link).