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Reply to Facilitator Tips

By Jenn Topic posted 09/20/2017

[@mention:493184366878843164] You are not alone in facing this sort of issue and in my experience the practitioner training really helps with this - the simulations are really well set up, and you get lots of hands on practice! If you are a working with a Holacracy coach, you can maybe get them to come and do some focused training for facilitators too.

Understanding governance - this is one of these points where an important truth is somewhat concealed in the constitution! What it says is: "For the purpose of this criteria, decreasing clarity counts as degrading capacity". And this kind of translates to "in any role, if governance is passed which doesn't make sense, then the clarity for that role in expressing itself is reduced" and hence to the rule of thumb "every role has a right to understand governance".

Often my experience of "I don't understand this/it's unclear"-type objections is that when you get to integration and say "OK, so how would you make this clear?" there's a sheepish silence. I've been on the giving and receiving end of that bit of facilitation!

If objection are being made that don't feel clear - get clear! That's the most powerful bit of coaching I think you can give a facilitator. "What's the tension, what's the role" - really get it specified by the objector. Do that before you ask the four questions.

Good luck!