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Reply to Recruitment function app

By awo Topic posted 09/13/2017

This actually came at a really good time for me as we are going through the recruiting process now. Our hiring process has left a lot to be desired in unclear delineation of who is accountable for what, who can make what decisions, and because that was unclear our process didn't go well.

I just proposed async that PurelyPoultry try out this app. Here we don't use the word CV, "adverts", manager, "to briefs", 

We just removed CV so it is simply application. We used the full word for advertisement, we named the role Hiring instead of Hiring Manager. I honestly did not know exactly to fix "to briefs" in a way that made sense to me so I just proposed it because it is safe enough to try and we will revisit later. 

I decided to not make it a circle, at least initially. We already have a People and Partnership circle and I am unsure if we need the new circle. 

It is a really nice improvement to break out what we previously had on an unclear multi-filled role of what we called a Team Diplomat.

I hope that maybe we are able to come up with a clear system for firing or removing from partnership as well.