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[@mention:551030431173357846] Out of curiosity, did you get professional help to implement Holacracy? In my experience, less experienced Holacracy coaches can tend to hold to the process rigidly in a way that feels overly controlling, especially in tactical meetings. Experienced coaches (or experienced teams) are able to hold to the process of tactical meetings while still allowing people to be themselves and have fun talking about the work.

If you're very new to Holacracy, then what you describe is a fairly common occurrence in the first month or two. But it should normalize once people get familiar with the process.

If people really need to talk about social things or about their lives at a personal level, then indeed it would be better done outside of a tactical meeting. But if people miss the "fun" and "playfulness" they used to have in meetings while talking shop, then definitely there is room for that in the tactical meeting. If that's what you're missing, I would suggest finding ways to improve your tactical meeting practice.

Governance meetings are a different story — they offer little room for spontaneous fun. But they're also not that frequent.

Hope that helps