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Reply to Lead Link and agile pull

By Ulrich Topic posted 09/07/2017

"Resources" in that context means "budgets" or "hard assets", not people; the Lead Link has no authority to demand anyone work on a particular project.  The Lead Link also has no authority to set targets and expect anyone do anything about them; a metric is not a target, and creating a metric does not convey any expectation that anyone do anything other than report a number occasionally (and then ignore it and do whatever makes sense to them in their role).  So, a Lead Link (or anyone else in the company whatsoever) could certainly turn to someone and say "Tom, you haven't met your Revenue targets which I set", but Tom could then have a good laugh and tell that Lead Link (or whomever else) that he has no duty to do so; the constitution explicitly waives all implicit expectations not directly set in the constitution or in the organization's governance, and there's nothing in there saying you have to hit a target just because a Lead Link decrees it...