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I love that question and it remembers me a quote I love from Clay Shirky "When you adopt a tool you adopt the management philosophy embedded in that"

For me, a core value embedded into the constitution is sovereignty. And by the way this word is mentioned at Section 1.3 - this includes NAP principles but also what we call individual Sovereignty ( IGi's higher purpose is "Sovereignty powered by Holacracy"): https://fr.glassfrog.com/circles/101

Individual Sovereignty is the quality of a person or an institution to be obliged or determined only by his own will, in accordance with the purpose which it is called to express, within the limits which it can not exert control or cause a material impact within a property owned by another sovereign entity unless authorized to do so.

Another great piece (I would even say an *absolute gem*) is in Section 3.4:

3.4 Interpreting the Constitution & Governance

As a Partner of the Organization, you may use your reasonable judgment to interpret this Constitution and any Governance within the Organization, including how these apply within a specific situation, and then act based on your interpretation. ...

So the division between authority and obedience is over! and that's a full transfer of power.