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Reply to 4.2.2 Attendance

By Geoff Topic posted 08/24/2017

Hi Geoff,


My understanding is that you can't have a non-core circle member in the tactical meeting even invited by a link.

And this makes sense because all the tensions brought to tactical meetings can be processed outside of this meeting (which is not true for governance).

If a person is simply a circle member, she can use the article 4, rights and duties between circle members.

If a person is not a circle member (i.e. has no role in the circle), then she can use the 4.1.4 “4.1.4 Links May Convey Duties

As a Lead Link, Rep Link, or Cross Link into a Circle, you may invite someone else to engage the Circle Members of the Circle in the duties specified in this section. You may only extend this invitation to aid in the processing of a specific Tension affecting the entity you are linked from, and only if you also sense the Tension and stay engaged in its processing. The person you invite temporarily becomes a full Circle Member, as if he or she also fills your link role, but only while directly processing that specific Tension. You may withdraw this invitation anytime.”


So in both cases, they don't need to attend the tactical meeting.

The “and anyone else normally invited to participate in the Circle's Governance meeting” refers to 3.3.1 Attendance “... Beyond those listed in this paragraph, no one else is allowed to participate in a Circle’s Governance Meetings unless explicitly invited by a Policy of the Circle.”.

The only case I can see here is Cross Link but a Cross Link is already defined as a Core Circle Member so I don't really see what kind of policy we could have here. But anyway, this policy would apply also for tactical meetings. [@mention:449693036223847456]: any example of a policy as referred to on 3.3.1?