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Tracey posted:


Have you brought your tension to meetings? Might be lack of sense of importance among your group, about the affects when social home is not in place.

You might share your concern with other partners you feel will identify, in effort to develop greater understanding among larger group, about affects if left same way and not worked on.




Hi Tracey! Yes, that's the way we did it. We are a big Unit (120 employees) embedded in a huge hierarchical Company. Before we implemented Holacracy we had a big Reorg which brought a lot of different Teams together. Now that we are organized in circles, it isn't easy for us to say where our social home is. We recognize that we need to work on our social space, but it seems to have little references about this topic, as Holacracy doesn't rule this fields (Individual or tribe Space). The issue is bigger for us, as we are working mostly as virtual teams, and we are physically distributed in about 5 branch offices. I was hoping for approaches, which did already help or work in your own circles to build a strong and healthy social bond. Thank you for your reply and best regards!