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Hey [@mention:491495232183315418] quick thoughts here ! As a participant during Objection Round, if I sense a Tension I'd like to raise as an Objection AND if I think such Obj. has already been raised and captured, I would not object so that the circle would go faster, knowing it's safe enough to try because I may always object later during next Objection Round that follows Integration. As a coach, I would offer that tip and from my experience, people get very quickly to that, except some times when they are emotionally attached to the tension they sense. As a Facilitator, when asking for Objection, I may even use the question "Do you see any *other* reason why this would cause harm or move us backwards, do you have any Objection?" when I sense multiple Partners may sense the same Objection? In my experience, this helps a lot.

Another piece: (in my interpretation of the constitution) a captured Objection during the Obj. Round may not be *shared* by multiple Partners per construction of the process itself, it is *owned* (from a process perspective) by the Partner who has raised it, even if other Partners may think they have the same Objection - which they never can be sure of, and that is one piece of downside I see here. And of course during Integration everyone may help the Objector to amend the proposal. Another downside I sea here is a potential trap to fall back into looking for consensus during integration by losing accountability/ownership which is certainly what we probably don't want.