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And also, one thing: at the beginning, as a Coach, I would not test the proposals, just because Holacracy is hard enough and the governance process is already very complex so if a person brings a tension, I don't want to stop her directly and get her frustrated with the process. If she brings a change, it is already great and before, in previous versions of the Constitution, this paragraph didn't even exist, we couldn't test the proposals.

It is very useful though if you have a some people with great mental ideas coming from their background but not grounded on the company's reality, to prevent them from spoiling your governance records with “might happen” kind of stuff.

The goal is not to prevent tensions from being processed, but rather to put clarity on the fact that it is based on a reality, a concrete situation (a tension is a gap between what IS and what could be) and that it does limit the organization because the person is sensing it in her roles and she works in it on a day-to-day basis. Good bye to the great saviours, feeling everything for the sake of everyone