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Hi Fiona, (how are you?)


To had on what AWO said:

1/ Depends on how many people are filling that role but if it only one or two, you may not need a policy and they are all invited to the meetings. The Lead Link may sense a tension and in this case, he/she will propose a policy in governance stating that there is only or X persons representing the role in tactical and governance meetings and the process to appoint these persons. If so, that/these persons will act as a Rep Link, as if the role was a sub-circle to process other's tensions.

2/ This is why the notion of focus is very important. A focus is “an area or context for that person to focus within while executing in the Role” (https://www.holacracy.org/constitution#art242). If your focus is clear, then you must not have any issue with the domain. If the domain only applies to one person filling that role, then it is the sign that there should be two separated roles. It would help if you could give more details about the role, the different focus and the domain.


Thank you.