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Reply to Reboot from Scracth

By Imrane DESSAI Topic posted 08/03/2017

Hi Imrane,

I haven't experienced such reboot. But reading your proposal, I can imagine some pathways to do it properly (this Super Cicle and unique Circle, like a "Big bang") :

1. you have a governance meeting of your anchor circle in which some member propose to remove all sub circles, bringing back all the embedded roles in the anchor Super Cicle (and if needed, you can transform some sub circle in simple roles, if some of their accountabilities for example were not distributed to the roles within) ; it may just be 1 proposal for all that.

2. or a have a governance meeting of the anchor circle in which you propose to remove all the existing roles and subcircles, and come with the set of new roles you've crafted before, or you craft them in live. It also may just be 1 proposal for this whole transformation.

3. The Ratifiers of the constitution decide to remove the constitution. Your back to the former organization system. And the one who has the authority for that decide to ratify again and design by himself a new initial structure. 

I see the 3rd possibility sounds a bit weird for me (like a General suspending a Republic, changing the organization of the country, and giving back the power to the Republic). I would prefer the 1. or the 2. But I read that you're afraid that would be too long. In my mind, you can have a very complete "Big Bang" proposal before, that you directly present in the meeting (if you're member of the anchor circle). Then, you only have 1 agenda item to deal with. If that take 30 min or 2 hours, maybe it's reasaonable for such an important decision. But that just my opinion