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Reply to Domains and Policies

By Jenn Topic posted 07/19/2017
Chris Cowan posted:

Jenn, great questions! 

Policies related to hours of operation, or other expectations of the people which are typically captured in an employee handbook, aren't a great fit for the organization's governance because the organization doesn't own/control the people, it only owns/controls the roles. 

Of course, you need to capture certain expectations of the relationship between the people and the organization (working hours, compensation, travel policies, etc.), so those are best documented in a "relationship contract," of some sort. 

There's a lot to say about that, so if you're interested, watch this short video (25 mins) of Brian walking through some new thinking around how to handle people stuff like this (especially starting around 9:08 when he talks about "Relationship Contracts").  

Here is a link to the file

Additionally, I just published something called Understanding Policies, which might be interesting to you. 

Hope that helps!!

Hi [@mention:455886150941203371],

Thanks for sharing this ! I read your publication "Understanding Policies" and the related one you give links to within. In "Understanding Policies", I wonder how we could deal with an example you give. 

You write : "Similarly a policy like, “Any role that gets an email request from a customer must submit it to customer service,” would also be invalid on the grounds that I don’t have control over whether or not I get contacted by someone else."

I wonder how we could achieve this result "any role that gets an email request from a customer must submit it to customer service" if we think it's useful and solve a tension, using an appropriate way ? 

Have a good day