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Reply to Domains and Policies

By Jenn Topic posted 07/19/2017

Happy to share Chris. Here's our policy called Holiday:

We encourage everyone to take the break from work that they need. We recognise that having that time is important for maintaining and increasing energy, creativity and perspective.

Everybody receives public holidays in England as paid holiday.

You can also take up to 30 days paid annual leave (for full-time roles) in the year from 1st September to August 31st. You can roll up to 5 days over that you haven't used from one year to the next. (This rollover limit is to encourage everyone to take their holiday allowance and not just work all year).

In order to use your Annual Leave you must:

- Record the holiday in TeamSeer and in the team calendar.
- Arrange to hand over work that may need attention to someone who agrees that they can cover the work. This includes cover for Holacracy system roles (Lead Link, Rep Link, Cross Link, Facilitator, Secretary) which should be recorded in a centralised place.
- Prepare a handover email and send to your team before you go on holiday.
- Set up an Out Of Office email auto response or commit to handling your emails as normal while on holiday.
- Set yourself as away on the phone answering service.


This belongs in a board sub-circle of which everyone is a member. IT impacts everyone, and thus it's important to us that everyone has the right to change if it causes them a tension.