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another way to record official decisions (as mentioned in the thread above) is to process them in a governance meeting as a policy. and hence use IDM.

its a bit cumbersome. but might work well. 

  • you have very formal records of the decision
  • a "formal decision" is actually a constraint that fits a policy: when you do work on this project / within this context you have to follow the previous made decision X by the circle
  • the IDM process prevents consensus decisions in case of more difficult/larger decisions
  • you could simply have as a circle a policy that is called "formal decisions for large project X". and every time propose an update for every new decision you like to have included


NOTE: "decisions" are here intended in the situation of formal governance keeping in corporate/public environments with many stakeholders outside of the circle or even the organization. where it is required to track all the key (hard to change back) decisions the circle has made. a large infrastructure project team is a good practical example