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Hi, Fajar:

According to article 4.2.3 (e) of the Holacracy constitution:

"... The Facilitator must attempt to allow time for processing every agenda item within the meeting, and in order to do so may cut off the processing of any item
that’s taking more than its due share of the remaining meeting time."

I normally advice the facilitator to use that section of the constitution to explain, before the meeting, that the promise to all circle member is that *ALL* agenda items will be processed within the *time allotted* for the meeting. In order to do that the facilitator must cut off any agenda items that are taking too long.

When people argue that they should do it right there at the tactical meeting, I normally advice the facilitator to suggest to the person wanting to share to actually share it right after the tactical meeting ends, so that he/she can fully concentrate on sharing and everyone else can concentrate on understanding the information without getting disrupted or distracted by facilitator cutting off conversations.

If everyone moves through all agenda items as quickly as possible, most of the time the meeting ends way before the scheduled end time, and whatever remaining time can be used for sharing.  

Win for the person wanting to share because he can get the full attention of everyone else's without being distracted or disrupted by the facilitator cutting off conversation,

Win for everybody else because everyone's tensions actually got processed.

Win for everyone, because doing these don't require additional meeting time, and don't require delaying.