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It is all about what does the Proposer need. So by asking the opening question: “What do you need” the Proposer will give insight in the tension. As there are 5 pathways, you as Facilitator, can steer the process. If the Proposer is not fully clear, then use the 5 pathways to guide the Proposer. It is up to you as a Facilitator to make sure that discussions are focused on helping the Proposer. If you are not sure then cut it off in friendly way by asking the Proposer if this helps to get what the Proposer needs.

If the need is that the Proposer wants to request information/help to make a decision then people are asked for feedback. The only thing to provide is this feedback and then the Proposer has what he/she needs. No further discusion, only sharing of information. In all the other situations giving feedback is only allowed if this helps the Proposer in their need.