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Nadir, accountability is not a 'job to be done', this is an ongoing expectation of some outcome recorded in an org structure. Which role  performs it within the Circle is not visible from the outside. 

When some accountability is assigned to the circle by super-circle, Lead Link gets it by default untill it is assigned to some other role on the circle's governance meeting.

For instance, I as an Accountan want IT Development to move our IT systems into the cloud and maintain them there. Then on the super-circle governance I propose adding "Moving IT systems into the cloud" to the IT Dev circle accountabilities.

Then on Governance IT Dev circle creates new role called "Cloud master" with purpose "Move all our IT systems into the cloud and make them work flawlessly", but from the outside I don't see it and don't actually care.

Article 5.2.4 and Anchor circle are sort of exceptions, and I personally would not follow that process because it's a sort of CEO-like governance.