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Reply to Policy About Vacation

By Geoff Topic posted 05/24/2017

[@mention:549059653907130620] Just thought I'd weigh in to say I appreciate the topic and the confusion.  We often blur (or blow past) this line in order to adopt common-sense policies that govern people in addition to roles.

As much as anything, I think it's in large part because the governance process is really good at helping us to make changeable, tension-based policies, whereas a partner relationship contract is a pain to amend as new issues come up.  If the appropriate role wants to change something about the vacation policy, update documentation regarding our building alarm codes, or define when the ping-pong table cannot be used due to customer meetings, it seems safe enough to do that through policy rather than find some kind of contractual alternative (even though it's typically partners and not roles who are playing ping-pong).