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Thanks all, for your encouraging responses!

Currently, the prototype is quite an elaborate set-up of board pieces laser-cut from baltic plywood and close to eighty die-cut cards with rounded corners. That is to say, the exhibition setup-version of v.3.0 is not the easiest to mass-manufacture and distribute – at the moment.

My intent going forward is to team up, co-develop and distribute the game further with validation of inclusions made with certified Holacracy providers. In the meantime, the game’s elements might need to be put on US letter-sized / ISO A4 sheets for interested parties to print and cut out themselves. This might also help get more data on the game as it needs further play-testing.

[@mention:499799321313210508], [@mention:534281552617879089], [@mention:456167666726491228] and [@mention:450819477777465353]: is that something that you would be interested in?