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[@mention:455604675931811081]: Cheers! and nice tip with the boardgamesmaker.com for people wanting to use stand-ins for some of the game pieces if they want. Also a very cool site that I’ll be adding to my prototyping toolset as their bulk orders seem to be very helpful.

[@mention:477139080146610445]: Cheers! And thanks for sharing your background regarding Likewise College – it is very inspiring work. If my contribution can help in any way, that is awesome! If you’d like to add your email in comment (or shoot me a direct message) I’ll add you to the Dropbox sharing pool that has access to a Dropbox link to the PDF/DIY version of the current game.

Those who have commented or sent me your email addresses: I’ll be sending you a download link to the PDF shortly. Following your play session(s) of the game, I would greatly appreciate that you fill out the accompanying Typeform-survey to help me gather information around the play-testing that is happening with this particular PDF version.

With that said, I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the game. I look forward to receive your survey responses as well as any pictures you might have captured and would like to share from your sessions.

– Egill R

EDIT #1 @ May 13 4:30pm (EDT): Sorry about the way Dropbox formats the invitation description. For easier reading, the PDF itself includes the same description.