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Reply to Gamifying Glassfrog

By Leanne Wong Topic posted 08/28/2015
Egill Runar Vidarsson posted:

[@mention:450819477777465353]: my primary interest at this point is to observe whether players of “Little Bookcase Publications” v.3.0 start to understand the basic fundamentals of Holacracy via gameplay – i.e. how governance (roles, accountabilities) affects operations (projects, events, …) and vice versa. The secondary aim is to observe whether the game-mechanics are balanced enough to allow for a fun and engaging game. And …

In the meantime, please check out the 4. Findings and 5. Conclusion sections in the thesis document for more details regarding benefits and limitations of v.3.0 of the game, as well as Appendix E and Appendix F. This, I think, will help you to get acquainted with the game as “moderators” before running the game as it can be quite slow and sometimes frustrating if all players are learning a game at the same time.

For credit, I would greatly appreciate that you point your participants and colleagues to my portfolio (http://www.egillrunar.com/litt...okcase-publications/).

I’ll be in touch.

[@mention:528792613988609658], thank you for bringing your project to this point. I looked at your webpage and found the explainer video especially helpful. I fill multiple roles with Likewise College, which focuses on bringing higher education to prison inmates and their families. Our prison students run their student body tactical and governance sessions very well, but could benefit from your game. We can test the game extensively during the Summer and Fall semesters and provide the feedback you request.

I'm interested in your temporary paper-printout version and would love to explore how some of our incarcerated students might make the specialty pieces and even gameboards using the prisons hobbycraft department.