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[@mention:456167666726491228] and [@mention:499799321313210508]: that’s great too hear! I know [@mention:452086181438015612] might be interested as well?

I believe I might be able to set up the game’s elements as printable PDF files over the weekend. I’ll get back to you.

Depending on various factors, there are a few things I’d like to address:

  • As there are quite a lot of cards used in the game, I’ll attempt at laying them out with crop marks as economically and functionally as I can per page. Please be careful if you’re cutting them out by hand.
  • The v.3.0 of the game has coloured card design. Depending on your printing budgets, if you choose to print black and white, I’m not sure what effect it will have on the play experience.
  • The card designs are double-sided with specific backs connected to specific fronts.
  • You need to acquire one six-sided die.
  • Playing a board game with thin paper elements like tokens and boards instead of cardboard is likely to be a bit weird and flimsy.
  • Each of the two board elements – “Governance” and “Operations” – are larger than a US letter / ISO A4 sized papers. I might need to have them spread over two or three pages that can then be assembled together via duct tape.
  • As with many co-operative board games, in “Little Bookcase Publications” there currently are a number of Objective cards which set up each play session. I’d recommend the “Easy Start” tutorial which might take approximately 15 minutes to complete, however, the current time estimate presumes a little bit of players’ knowledge of the game beforehand. With that said, it will be very interesting to see how you fare by only using the materials that I have provided (i.e., thesis document, rulebook and video overview).
  • As the game is created using Holacracy as a framework to learn Holacracy fundamentals, I follow and use the same license as the constitution has (see Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0). If aiming to play-test the paper-version of “Little Bookcase Publications” with participants, please surface this information as much work has gone into creating the game.

Please check out both 4. Findings and 5. Conclusion sections in the thesis document for more details regarding v.3.0 of the game.