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My question to you all: Are there any tools or apps that you use in your organization to make a dismissal-procedure operational?

[@mention:554127294598065933]Firing App is one of my favorite, as in most of the organizations I have implemented Holacracy, the process they were using was not so clear. This is for me one of the greatest value backed in Holacracy is the need to distill into governance the way - which is so often unclear/unconscious - firing is decided. In the company I work for, we have an App for that, what we call the Confirmation Process

And how do you handle dismissal in holacracy in combination with the applicable national law?

Yep, this a tough one - for instance our App is not workable with salaried employees in France. I would say you've to find the balance between the regulatory constraints and what could be a more fair and dynamic way for firing. Anyway, when encoding the firing process, whatever App you come up with, should evolve the way firing is decided/done.