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Hi Pieter,

From my perspective, bringing up a slideshow to support a Proposal sounds like the proposer want to "sell" her/his proposal and argue about it.

Even if there is any explicit rule about the way of presenting proposal, using an external document is really strange and useless regarding the IDM process:

  • Making a proposal is just completing the sentence "I propose that...”
  • Clarifying questions is the relevant place for other circle members to better understand the proposer's proposal,
  • During reaction round, any one is able to react freely to the proposal,
  • The proposer is able to amend and clarify her/his proposal,
  • Any proposal is supposed valid except if it will harm the circle or it is against the constitution,
  • Valid objection(s) will be integrated during the integration step.


Seems it might be some shadow power acting behind this behavior...

Personally I wouldn't allow this way of presenting the proposal and I'd give some coaching point to bring the proposer back into the process.

Hope that helps.