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Hi Fajar,

at the beginning of the meeting (before you enter the rigid rules of the Governance Meeting) you could integrate a short "Tension Harvesting" session.

This works as follows:

1. Simply ask the participants "What is a tension?". Let them name one or two Tensions out loud and maybe engage them into a very brief discussion what they could do with this tension (bring it to a Governance Meeting, bring it to a Tactical Meeting, etc.).

2. Now that everyone has a basic understanding of Tensions, take 5 minutes of silent work, where everyone collects tensions for themselves.

3. You can then add 5 minutes, where everyone finds a partner and discusses the tensions they harvested with the partner ("what can I do with this? Where can I best process my Tension")

4. Then start the Governance Meeting and trust the process


Additional remark: If you are familiar with the concept of the 4 spaces (Governance, Operational, Tribe, Individual) then you can integrate this perfectly into the flow above by explaining it between step 1 and 2 and discussing it with the actual tensions between step 2 and 3.