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Brian K Haney posted:


If I can paraphrase your motivation to implement Holacracy, it sounds like you were trying to vaccinate your organization against cancerous infection from external stakeholders that might not share your vision. Is that a fair re-statement?

I'm curious. What leadership qualities are you looking to develop? Do you see these qualities as still compatible with using Holacracy in your organization?

Hi Brian, Yes, your paraphrasing is reasonable, although I would add that it applied also to future internal stakeholders as investors would likely become board members. 

As for leadership qualities, it is actually leadership maturity that is needed, which means a range of qualities, and more importantly, the confidence and perspective to see our own strengths and weaknesses and the willingness to develop and/or delegate. I am convinced that a stable SD-Yellow/Teal/ Systemic/4.5/Co-Creator level (a rough approximation as these are not equivalent) is required for at least the Anchor Circle Lead Link. 

Another motivation that was very important to us initially was the opportunity to manifest a higher intelligence system in a commercial organization ...if you know what I mean