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Krzysztof Holeczko posted:

RESOURCES vs. DOMAINS - for me the difference is still vague, even after reading all discussions tagged with "resource" on the forum:
- http://bit.ly/2o3yaTm
- http://bit.ly/2oxQ7Ob
- http://bit.ly/2o3GDpH
- http://bit.ly/2o3ERVA

So, can anyone specifically answer the following questions:
1. What is the relation between resources and domains? (are the same?, are different and if so, how to clearly differentiate them? Maybe resources>domains or maybe otherwise?)
2. What are examples of resources LeadLink can independently allocate? If possible, please name 10 examples of such resources (e.g. time, money – or maybe they are already wrong?)

For me your questions seems as another tension so in order to keep the clarity in the forum please put your question as a separate Post.