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Thanks for working on this book, Brian. I can share my point of view.

What I was hoping to gain from operating as a Holacracy was to able to protect the organization from the influence of self-interested agendas and to be able to allow freedom to operate (which I highly value, as a long-time self-employed person) with assurance that the team is working towards the true purpose. Our project requires major investment to get started (it is an environmental technology) and therefore we knew from the beginning that we would need to involve professional investors who we feared would corrupt our environmental agenda. 

How it has worked out so far is that Holacracy has revealed the personal development weaknesses in our own leadership team. Despite our mutual commitment to it, we don't have the capacity to do it. 

I am now going back to my tool of choice, leadership development. Of course since I have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I see how when leaders mature, they naturally want to share power and they will find ways to do it, Holacracy or other ways.