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Reply to Attention Point App

By Chris Cowan Topic posted 08/18/2016

[@mention:491495232183315418], thank you for the answer! Believe, I clearly understand your point of view.

You've told:

My understanding of this App is just a way of doing this allocation by creating a more tangible scale on the attention partners should put while energizing a role. So for instance the LL allocates 20 Attention Points to Role A. So Partner X energizing role A should not dedicate more than 20% of his focus to it (my assumption here would be that 100 AP = 1 FTE).

I would like to disagree with you. LL may understand how much time the Partner needs to spend on each Role, but one Partner is involved in different Circles with different LLs, you see? LL can not see the picture from the view of a Partner. I would even say that the LL acts as a manager of the Partner, because he/she says to the Partner how long he/she has to accomplish the Role.

Are you sure, that you understand Attention Points right?

I think, I have better way to organise attention of the partners onto the Projects and Next Actions. The idea is each partner of the company has own Kanban board, where all his/her Next Actions and Projects are located in the prioritised way. All means the projects from all Roles the partner holds.

The prioritisation of the Next Actions and Projects is done according to some coefficient. For example, the ratio of the ‘percentage of already done tasks (in hours)’ to the ‘percentage of already spent time (in hours)’. It requires each project and next action to have:

  • Defined start date;
  • Defined deadline;
  • Either estimated time for each task of the project (or next action) or automatically calculated average time for one task from the experience.

*Task means either a Next Action or one of actions in a Project.


Actually, do you know how the Attention Points are used by H1? Maybe we both understand them wrong. For now I still see no need in them.

Kind regards,