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In my previous career as a leader, I hadn't heard of Holacracy but I was looking for ways to inspire and empower my teams. Partly for the benefits for everyone in my teams but also to take workload off my shoulders so that I could play to my greatest strengths rather than being stretched across too many tasks and functions. I instinctively implemented structures to my weekly and fortnightly meetings, I created transparency around key metrics and defined informal roles for different team members to energise (the team were invited to energise roles but could decline if the role didn't align with their sense of purpose or strengths). 

My experiences may not be exactly the kind of information you are looking for but without realising, the processes I put into place were very aligned with Holacracy. Since I became a Holacracy Coach, I do find that the whole system can be overwhelming for some people to adjust to. My experience of introducing bitesize principles of Holacracy, without labelling them as a whole system shift was very successful. My teams achieved increased turnover and profits but more importantly for me, staff retention went up, morale was great and I felt that I had made a big difference to empowerment and wellbeing.

I hope these kind of anecdotes are useful! I'm also thinking that [@mention:449833773855673974] would be a great person for you to chat to!