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Hi Gregory,

If I may,

The Lead Link, by default, is accountable for "Allocating the Circle’s resources across its various Projects and/or Roles". In that matter, this App does not change that. If your tension is "This resource allocation on Roles/Project cannot be done by only one person..." then you may want to propose in governance a different way of doing it and then removing this accountability from the Lead Link.

My understanding of this App is just a way of doing this allocation by creating a more tangible scale on the attention partners should put while energizing a role. So for instance the LL allocates 20 Attention Points to Role A. So Partner X energizing role A should not dedicate more than 20% of his focus to it (my assumption here would be that 100 AP = 1 FTE).

So if you're still interested by this App, but don't want the LL to decide about AP allocation, maybe you should first transfer Resource allocation accountability to a different process, and update accordingly this App.

Did I help a bit ?