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Lead Link participates in the Super-Circle meetings as well.


2.3.1 Base Membership

Unless a special appointment or exclusion is made under the terms of this section, the Core Circle Members of a Circle are:

  • (a) each Partner filling a Defined Role in the Circle;



3.3.1 Attendance

All Core Circle Members are entitled to fully participate in all Governance Meetings of a Circle. The acting Facilitator and Secretary are also entitled to fully participate, and become Core Circle Members for the duration of a Governance Meeting even if they are not normally Core Circle Members.


A Lead Link is just a person assigned to a defined role that happens to be a circle:

2.1 Circle Basics

A “Circle” is a Role that may further break itself down by defining its own contained Roles to achieve its Purpose, control its Domains, and enact its Accountabilities. The Roles a Circle defines are its “Defined Roles”, and anyone filling one of its Defined Roles is a “Circle Member” of that Circle.