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Hi [@mention:491073019777409299] Brandon, 

We do a lot of the "heavy lifting" in Async through Slack, Asana or video snippets so we can discuss a topic generally. Raising a Tension is done either in the meeting during agenda creation or Async through a "governance out of meeting" process. It seems to work fairly well so far. 

We have rotating Tactical/Governance meetings once a week (overkill for sure) but if the allotted time isn't needed we use it as a "get to know Holacracy" session where people can raise questions about Constitution, vocabulary, processes etc. 

Our first circle is located in two time zones with very little overlap. They use the above tools to communicate as well and have short calls and Circle specific tags in Asana. It's really our trial balloon as we need to find a way to make that work so we can roll it out as we grow. 

In person meetings are not possible at this time, although it's a goal to have them once a year. 


PS: Feel free to PM me if you'd like to dive in deeper!