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Hi Jean-Michel, Bernard Marie,

If you allow me to step in...

We're starting to get some objections on Elections, and indeed it's not "natural" to me (yet ?) to handle those as Facilitator.

(1) What I'm struggling with is the integration : How do you integrate when there's only two ways out : Elected or not ? The concept of integration is to amend a proposal so both proposer and objector can get out with tension and objection solved. But here there's no amendment possible, but to propose a new candidate. So what's the point of integration here ?

(2) So if I'm not going to integration, if there's a valid objection I remove the candidate and go to the next one. The last time it happened the next one was the objector of the first candidate. Felt weird to me, almost like that candidate made a smart move to get elected. But unless I missed something, nothing was wrong, and the candidate got elected. What would you have done ? Other possibilities ?