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Quite some responses indicating there's quite some different interpretations of the constitution related to policies! Nice to see so much input, thank you all!

Thank you for your example [@mention:449411339497350002]! I understand that adding policies on circle level is allowed (in super circle's governance if I'm not mistaken?) But what happened in our case is that a policy was added to a role. I'll continue using your case as an example. 

Imagine in the same circle as Website Strategy role there's also a Web Support role that, during governance, proposes to add a policy to the Website Strategy role's domain on the Website: 

Policy: Web Support role is allowed to add, edit or remove content of website as long as this is communicated with the circle

This is sort of what happened in our case.

From my understanding you can use governance to add a policy to a (sub) circle.
But my question remains: Is a circle member also allowed to use governance to add a policy to another role's domain?

My interpretation is consistent with the example illustrated by [@mention:450819477777465353]. (Thank you for your reply!) Which means IMO it would not be allowed to use governance to add a policy to a role, only to a circle. What would you say [@mention:449411339497350002]?