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Hi Chris and Romain,

thanks for your feedback. As you see you can look at things from different perspectives as you did and I, as filling also the role of the secretary, also felt unsure of what to do. The facilitator was not very experienced so actually he counted Objection 1 as valid. Unfortunately, the discussion went on forever and the social tension increased ("almost a breakdown I would say"). I withdrew my proposal to remove the role because I had the feeling that it would shock people too much with this drastic propsal. I could have actually played the card of the secretary and say "this is a valid objection" or "this is not a valid objection"... but am I allowed to interfere in an integration as a secretary without being asked?

Your hint to testing objections with the question "even with infinite time and money, would you still have this objection?" is very useful and makes the previously mentioned objection 2 invalid in my eyes. This would of course effect also objection 1 but things are getting complicated. I feel one has to take the level of Holacracy understanding/maturity of circle members into account and prepare the ground for big decisions like that.  

Now, I am still left with some unclear overall governance situation with one role X (Human development) and another sub circle Y (capacity building) with similar purposes but the one being more operational. 

I think a good solution could be to propose deleting the "weaker" one (sub circle capacity building) and to invite the stronger one (role human development) as a cross link to cultural life...what do you think?

Please find some illustration below (because I could not insert screenshots)


1. Economic Life

1.1. SEKEM Holding 

1.1.1. Human Development 

2. Cultural life

2.1. Capacity Building

More details on Purpose and accountabilities:


Capacity Building Purpose: Personal development and consciousness raising for people for adults


  • Providing capacity building for adults
  • Providing technical, artistic and social competences for adults



Human Development Purpose: Supporting SEKEM employees become our competitive advantage through holistic development by creating workplaces reflecting human dignity. We recruit & retain qualified staff and align them with the overall SEKEM Vision.


  • Recruiting & retaining people
  • Assessing SEKEM employees
  • Providing capacity building for SEKEM employees
  • Preparing Human Development budget & plan
  • Enhancing SEKEM image to employees by orientation & onboarding
  • Implementing SEKEM vision, corporate identity and promoting diversity and cascading its values to all employees
  • Providing timely monthly filled out sustainable development input sheets and confirm the presented data within the draft report prior to the monthly meeting (if there is a mistake, the corrected data must be given on time)
  • Reviewing existing and proposing new employee benefit programs, including the integration those (i.e. Medical, Life Insurance... etc.), in the spirit of Holocracy
  • Analyzing compensation policies and prevailing wage rates to develop and propose competitive compensation plan (pay structure/scale), in the spirit of Holocracy
  • Developing and implementing a system, which offers SEKEM Holding & subsidiaries employees an individual personal and career development plan, in the spirit of Holocracy
  • Providing realistic targets for all respective SD indicators that fall under the responsibility of the role at the beginning of each new year and adapting them regularly in a transparent way
  • Handling crisis communication regarding Human Development and its projects aligned with and supported by the Communications & Relations Role.


Thanks for your time and effort!