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Marco referred to my blog on the topic of evolutionary purpose discovery. This is where you can find it: https://medium.com/@wendyvande...fc9100e1b#.3hda7suea

The process I developed is based on a mixture of methods such as creative source mapping and the empty chair approach. What makes it strong in my opinion is that integrative decision making ensures you have a statement after 3-4 hours. Most organizations complain that they have had long sessions on purpose/vision/mission without clear output. They are really surprised that it is indeed possible to figure it out in half a day! 

After each session I conduct I improve the process and feedback is welcome to further develop it. I believe that a strong process to discover Purpose can help transform business consciousness (which is my individual purpose and is an important tool to add to the Holacracy system. 

Individual purpose discovery is my other passion and that is where the book of Tim Kelley is of great help. If then the purpose of the organization is clear and people are aware of their indiviudal purpose beautiful conversations can take place on the resonance between the two. Which is to me the basis of purpose-led HR practices.