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Responding above about contractors:

There are many ways of being a contractor and not all contractors work for another firm. Our organization (a non-profit) is made up almost entirely of self-employed contractors but for many of us 60-90% of our work is with the organization that is implementing holacracy. All of the contractors are committed to that organization 's purpose. We are just starting our journey with holacracy and we don't see having roles filled by contractors as a problem. In fact, it is a big help to have things very clearly delineated by roles, domains and accountabilities. 

Our big learning curve will be figuring out how to compensate for participation in governance meetings and core circle member roles, as that is not something that happened in the past. Tactical meetings are akin to project-specific meetings so not quite as unusual. 

We are also an entirely virtual team.

Looking forward to continuing to learn from others!