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Dasha, did you also read the book from Brian Robertson about Holacracy? Also a nice thing to read is the Comic Book made by [@mention:449833773917801859]. (http://igipartners.com/en/read...mic-book-free#page-1)

My advise is to attend the Practioner Training as this is a great way to learn Holacracy. Also you will meet several other interested people that might be of help to you.

To train my skills I became part of an online Practice group. These are groups of people that practice online the Facilitation part of Holacracy. Not only a good place to practice (or just to observe and learn) but also lots of knowledge is shared there. Get in contact with [@mention:493465881837995141] and she can provide you more details.

Also on this community you can find lots of information ;-)

Hopes this helps and I wish you a great journey into Holacracy.