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[@mention:449833773917801859] & [@mention:476716727643924128]: I have come across a situation that might be unconstitutional based on your explanation. I hope you could help me further understand it and suggest ways to rectify it (if it is indeed unconstitutional). Here is the context.

  • Circles were created during the initial structure process: Circle-Level 1 (GCC) containing Circle-Level 2 containing Circle-Level 3 containing Circle-Level 4.  
  • Circle-Level 4's purpose and accountabilities were not mentioned in or under the umbrella of those of Circle-Level 2.
  • Circle-Level 4 never has a real Tactical or Governance meeting. It has a few meetings in the past but mostly strategy meetings and a meeting where initial roles were created. Many of its roles' accountabilities are no longer accurate.
  • Circle-Level 3 only had a few meetings in the past 2 years. I was not sure it those meetings followed Holacracy practice.
  • Circle-Level 4 and Circle-Level 3's Lead Link Roles were filled by the same person.
  • Then, the Circle-Level 2's Lead Link recognized that the Circle-Level 4 was in the wrong place and wanted to restructure  Circle-Level 2 to make it more Holocratic. The Lead Link of Circle-Level 2 had multiple strategy meetings with the Lead Link of Circle-Level 3 and Circle-Level 4 about restructure both of those circles. 
  • At a recent Circle-Level 1's Governance Meeting, a need for restructuring Circle-Level 2 arose during integration objections of one of another role's proposal (which had many overlapping accountabilities with those of Circle-Level 4 and some roles in Circle-Level 4. (I will skip the details for now). As part of the integration,  the Proposal would agree to the changes to the Proposal if the Lead Link of Circle-Level 2 opened a Governance Meeting in Glassfrog (not the one where all circle members participated in) to restructured it, moving Circle-Level 4 out of Circle-Level 3 into Circle-Level 2. After that proposal was accepted, another proposal was proposed to during that same Circle-Level 1 meeting to move that original Circle-Level 4 into Circle-Level 1, making it a sub-circle of Circle-Level 1. Then another proposal was made to put the newly created role at the Circle-Level 1 into that newly created Circle-Level 2 where all purposes and accountabilities aligned. 

I think many things went wrong here. But based on the then status of Circle-Level 4 and Circle-level 3, would what happened be justified? 

Many many thanks!