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[@mention:491354494783059362] it would be useful to look into the specifics of the situation to be able to make concrete recommendations.

But from what you're describing, it seems to me that the mechanisms of Holacracy (specifically the governance process) should be enough, if used correctly, to address these issues.

The Lead Link of the Product Owners circle could very well propose a change in the governance of this circle to standardize around a specific methodology, and the product owners would be bound by this methodology if the proposal was accepted. Of course they may raise "Objections" to the proposal, which would be an opportunity to integrate them in the "Integration" phase of the process; this is where the magic happens.

We might, for example, discover that parts of the reason the product owners don't like the new methodology are just a personal preference for the status-quo (which would likely not be valid Objections, and would therefore be dismissed), while parts of it are actually good reasons to take into account for the sake of the organization (which would be valid Objections, and would need to be integrated before the proposal is adopted). 

Of course it's easier said than done. If the participants are new to Holacracy, it will take an experienced Facilitator or coach to facilitate getting to that output.