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Hi Max,

As you mentionned, and as underlined by Bernard Marie, the 2nd way doesn't seem valid, because even if you invite the member, the role which feel the tension and has authority to bring it isn't in the GCC. 

I share some comments on your 1st way which as you said is ok :

As you don't need to wait for Tactical meetings to interact with the Rep link, you can directly go to him and present your tension. Then the Rep link of Level 3 can directly bring it to the Rep link of Level 2.

To my mind, the fact that there are 2 levels to cross doesn't mean it will necessarily be long. For example, if you present by email your tension and proposal, and Rep link level 3 and Rep link level 2 understand and agree with the proposal, Rep link Level 2 can have done a Governance proposal out of Governance meeting a few minutes after you wrote to Rep Link Level 3. 

That looks like quite a long journey for a tension, but I personnally wouldn't look for an alternative way. Because I guess that if the proposal doesn't bring new tensions, this may be in reality a quick journey. And if it's long, it may be because that proposal rise new tensions from the perspective of other roles and circles, and in that case, it seems to me that the 1st way is the better to deal with them. The third situation (= everybody is ok with the proposal at every Level but that take a long time to be brought to Governance Level 1 and adopted) may bring you to feel a new tension (A rep link taking too long to process  for example ?), and to process it.

Have a good day