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[@mention:523162737680436711] - key here is to separate Not Valid Governance Input and Non Valid Governance Output. The initial example you gave was not valid input. because governance is only about things you sense from a role. although technically the output can be valid as a policy which I guess is your second post about...

the extravagant example just as an illustration why it is awkward to have these kind of proposals in governance and hence the reason for the non valid governance input clause in the constitution.

re - your statement: "But what if I state that having a market conform level will show to the market that we are a well respected and  firm organization that cares for his people. Then my roles are impacted and am I able to better express my roles." - if you have an HR role that is about attracting new people I can link it to your role. But I would find it hard to make this statement for a "website developer" role. Then you can just trust Holacracy that there are other roles in the organization that care about this from an organizational perspective.