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@RUBEN @ SPRINGEST: about "various ways a circle can be formed", I meant criteria to group existing roles into sub-circles to maximize cohesion and efficiency. 

I agree (and the client knows) that circle is created in GM. 

The situation is that an organization slowly deploys Holacracy in different parts (previously departments) of the organization. Now an existing department starts implementing Holacracy and becomes a circle in the GCC. However, because there are existing jobs that are slowly transformed into roles, it becomes challenging to define sub-circles in that new circle.

Other variables are the organization has regional offices, and each regional office has similar roles performing similar functions, just in different markets. 

One of the ways they consider grouping sub-circles is based on the region these roles perform and interact (cohesion, and pattern of interaction). This seems to work, especially when dealing with meeting scheduling and maintaining sub-circle cohesion. So each sub-circle has similar purpose and work toward that purpose in different region. Those sub-circles have similar roles with similar accountabilities. The challenge is there is a lack of flow of information and cohesion between roles doing similar functions in different sub-circles (in different regions) and between sub-circles within the super-circle. (This starts to sound like conventional satellite offices set-up). The Lead Links of regionally focused sub-circles represent those sub-circles at the super-circle level. Is this the good way to go? How's about those similar roles in different sub-circles? Shall they be grouped in a separate sub-circles so that they can have regular TM and GM to evolve their roles and the organization or can this simply be teams which have separate team meetings?

Another way they consider grouping a circle is to group roles that have closely related functions or purpose and have multiple multi-filled roles with different focuses in 1 circle. 

I guess there are many possibilities to address this real tension. I am curious to hear more suggestions and what Holacracy's best practices would look like in this context.