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Reply to Employees

By Elena Topic posted 01/08/2017

If I understand you correctly, the tension is that some participants in the organization still act/think like employees who require management. Like [@mention:508806870940037068] points out, Holacracy gives possibility through empowerment (i.e., imposing self-responsibility). This is not for everyone and some will need to opt out in order to make way for incoming participants that can better align with the self-governance culture from their start. In time, I think the claim that practicing Holacracy helps transform those who are willing to submit to the call for self-leadership proves true. Still, for many humans, there is a huge gap between being led and having a self-leadership mentality.

One way we with Likewise address developing self-leaders is through guided reading and discussion group interactions. Some people (I'd say most) simply have no concept of self-leadership and need exposure to the rich history of literature that supports this contemporary self-governance movement. From our work with prison inmates and exposing them to the possibilities/blessings of self-governance/leadership, I'd say that your regular run-of-the-mill "employee" could stand to benefit from a similar community learning experience.