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Hey Dadi! Good to hear from you!

Here are a few thoughts:

"An 8 hour workday on average is the expected norm during each month."

I'd create a Role for this: "Norm Keeper" "Expectation Keeper" "Company Culture Documentation" or so, and have that role keep records of such general norms/expectations. This makes this manageable, and you can move fluidly between documenting norms freely (in an external system, or as a note in Glassfrog), making them binding policy, or discarding them alltogether.

"Time registration is only mandatory for client-work."

Not sure I understand this. Are people "registering time" for stuff that they needn't do it for? Then what do they do?

I think you need some Policy around "client-work" here ("when performing client work, a partner must register their time), and some, hm, clear-up about why people do stuff that is unnecessary. An Email to everyone "stop doing that, people!" maybe. :-)

"If you use environmentally friendly ways of commuting the organization can provide you with a bus card or, alternatively, a grant of <amount> of money."

This is unclear to me. What role is speaking there? What is their tension? What are you trying to achieve?

"The organization will pay to replace your phone after 2 years and your computer after 3 years if you request it."

Publish a Note with the Role that takes care of this.

"Criteria used to determine salary placement"

Is there a Role that takes care of this? They could publish a Note.

A few more general notes:

  • We still have a "Company Handbook" (and a Role for it, which I hold) that I am currently trying to reduce to the absolute minimum by converting the "hard facts" content into Policies and Notes, emphasizing the soft, cultural in the Handbook. 
  • Whenever I publish an important piece of information, I try to add a Note that references it from the Role's page in Glassfrog. We use Trello and Slack and a few other tools too, but ideally I think a new team member should be able to find everything relevant for their job & survival in the organisation by going through Glassfrog.
  • (I am thinking about publishing most things as simple notes in Glassfrog, rather than as Documents / PDFs / Trello Cards. Easier to raise tensions about them this way.)

Does this help? Do go more into depth about what you are trying to do - I'll be happy to wrap my brain about it some more.